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SAF™ Technology

SAF Technology - Heron Innovators - MODEL SAF250 Treating food processing wastewater
Treating food processing wastewater
Suspended Air® Flotation (SAF™) by Heron Innovators uses an externally-generated bubble suspension with high air content. Each bubble is covered with a chemically active film which strongly attaches to the flocculated solids in the water being treated, achieving high rate and efficient flotation. DAF, by contrast, uses high pressure to dissolve a small amount of air in water with no chemically active agent, and depends on physical entrapment and a weak surface bond to float the flocculated solids.

Next Generation solids removal – SAF™ replaces DAF:
  • SAF™ removes more solids than DAF
  • SAF™ is more cost effective than DAF
  • SAF™ has a smaller footprint than DAF
  • SAF™ operation is more flexible than DAF

DON’T BE FOOLED BY IMITATORS – Insist on SAF™ by Heron Innovators!

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 SAF™ Systems

Lab Scale Generator - Heron Innovators
How SAF™ Works 
F200 SAF™ Generator - Heron Innovators
Retrofit Your DAF 
CF125 ClearFloater - Heron Innovators
SAF™ Successes