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SAF™ Wastewater Treatment System Pilot Testing for the Municipal Wastewater Industry

At Heron Innovators, we specialize in developing flotation treatment technology and conduct pilot testing for a variety of industries, including the public sector. Our Suspended Air® Flotation (SAF™) wastewater treatment systems perform water clarification with grit removal and solids thickening. This advanced system is more efficient than dissolved air flotation methods, and was the exact solution a Fortuna, California customer needed.

The Heron Innovators system detailed here is a trailer mounted model SAF125 treatment system, fabricated from AISI type 304 stainless steel, PVC, and polyurethane. The pilot trailer measured 40 feet long by 8 feet wide by approximately 12 feet high. The system has a 250 gpm flow capacity and includes pH control systems with a PID loop. This complete and continuous operating facility features a 7.5 HP feed pump and 4-inch magnetic flow meter. The pilot testing provided data proving over 30 times the capacity of a conventional circular primary clarifier.

At Heron Innovators, our product standards include designing according to customer specifications and use of CAD drawings. This single test run of the SAF™ wastewater treatment pilot test shows the efficiency of our systems. Further project details are listed below. Contact Heron Innovators to learn more.

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SAF™ Wastewater Treatment System Pilot Testing for the Municipal Wastewater Industry Project Highlights

Product Name
Trailer mounted Model SAF125 Suspended Air® Flotation (SAF™) Treatment System
Product Description
Pilot testing using a trailer mounted Model SAF125 Suspended Air® Flotation (SAF™) Treatment System.  Capable of treating 250 gpm.  Contained and fully integrated are:
  • pH Control System with PID loops for acid and caustic feed
  • controlled outlets for coagulant feed/coagulation
  • polymer dosing/flash mixing/aging system supporting flocculation
  • flotation separation of suspended solids and associated BOD/COD
  • fully automated continuous operation including the starting/stopping system by remote signal/parameter.

Capabilities demonstrated:
  • Primary influent clarification in place of primary clarifier
  • Treatment of overflow pond return water containing algae/partially  digested raw influent
  • Clarification of activated sludge mixed liquor with concurrent  thickening of MLSS.
  • Digested sludge belt filter press filtrate and wash water clarification
System Capabilities and Services Provided
Engineering design of process and components.
AutoCAD drawings for mechanical and electrical fabrication.
 Provision and operation of pilot trailer in 2012.
Custom fabricated welded stainless steel tanks and components.
Overall Part Dimensions
Pilot trailer:  40 ft. L x 8ft. W x 12ft. 4 in. H
Tightest Tolerances
± 1/16 inches
Material Used
304 stainless steel, PVC, Poly Urethane
Additional Facts
Feed System:  7.5 HP, 250 gpm pump with 4-in. magnetic flow meter,
pH control system with acid and caustic PID Loops
  • Conditioning Tank: 304SS, 1,800 gallons, 2-compartment with 2-turbine agitators.
  • Flotation Tank: Model CF-125 ClearFloater™ Cross-Flow Flotation Cell with flocculation agitator, chain and flight skimmer, solids hopper, adjustable stainless steel weir, and observation decking.
  • SAF™ Generator: Model F50 (13.6 gpm froth flow rating).
  • Ancillary Equipment: Polymer dilution and aging system; acid, caustic, polymer, and frothing agent metering pumps; float solids transfer pump; control panels
In process testing/inspection performed
Bench Testing
Pilot Trailer Runs in May and June 2012
SAF™ demonstrated over 30 times the capacity of a conventional primary clarifier.  Algae removed from pond return water.  MLSS thickened to greater than 5% with half the polymer dosage of the plant’s own Gravity Belt Thickener and with greater solids capture.
Industry for Use
Municipal Wastewater
Delivery/Turnaround Time
1 week
Delivery Location
Fortuna, California
Standards Met
Customer Specifications, 2D CAD Drawing

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