About Heron Innovators

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Heron Innovators began manufacturing Suspended Air Flotation (SAF™) systems in their Rocklin, California facility in 1998. Since that time, over 40 systems have been installed in a variety of industrial and municipal applications to provide a reliable solution for liquid/solid separation and solids thickening.


Processes Consultation

Consultation on best physical/chemical separation processes to suit the customer’s needs


SAF™ Consultation

Consultation on how to incorporate the SAF™ system into plant operations to optimize treatment efficiency


Bench-Scale Testing

Bench-scale testing to optimize polymer/flocculants addition and provide performance estimates


Pilot Testing

Pilot testing with fully equipped trailers that can treat between 20 and 250 gpm to demonstrate process effectiveness



Factory field technicians that can train facility staff on start-up and operations


Quarterly Check-Ups

Quarterly to annual site visits to review SAF™ system operations



Post-sales support and business reviews

Heron Innovators fabricates the flotation tanks, proprietary micro-bubble (SAF™) generators, and much of the mechanical and electrical process equipment used in each installation. Through experience gained installing systems for solids separation and thickening for wide range of applications, Heron Innovators can offer suggestions for modifying process operations to improve separation efficiency and/or reduce the demand for flocculants or coagulants.

How Did It All Begin?

The first applications of SAF™ were in the food processing industry because the company was located in California’s agricultural Central Valley and there was a need for treating wastewater from a variety of food processors. Since then installations have expanded to other industries that formerly relied on the traditional DAF approach. The Suspended Air® Flotation Process can be and is applied in any application where physical/chemical separation via flotation is a viable alternative.